So You Really Want to Learn How to Lose Weight Without Exercise? Seriously?

Absolutely. It’s not the best way but it does work when you have a plan and implement that plan.

When my editor suggested I write an article with the aforementioned title as the subject, I almost busted a gut. why? Because losing weight without exercise is like the All American Dream, isn’t it? We can do what we want with our food habits, and then when we try to lose it again, it just miraculously disappears. Voila! Just like that.

without exerciseThere were a number of questions I had to clarify the topic, What’s the time frame for such weigh loss? In a day? In 2 days? In a week? In a month? Over the course of a year?

The task is not at all impossible, but when you combine it with just a little exercise, it makes losing weight that much easier. Before I continue, though,, I’ll throw in the obligatory medical disclaimer that I am not a medical professional so please consult your physician before taking on a rigorous dietary or exercise program. Remember, I’m a writer with a few ideas.

So with that out of the way, let me suggest a few tips on “How You Can Lose a Few Pounds Without Exercising.”


The most obvious way is fasting. Fasting is the simplest way of losing weight because you’re not eating anything. If you’re not eating anything, you are free to burn calories throughout the day. The more calories you burn as you go about your day, the more weight you’ll drop. There are a variety of fasts as well: water-only, juice-only, liquid-only, and even fasting for one or two meals.

The healthiest fast is probably the full 24-hour fast once a week. It’s the healthiest but also the most difficult because you are experiencing the food loss in the first 24-48 hours without the benefit of knowing what it’s like to not have the constant hunger pangs. After 48 hours, the fast is psychological. You’ve gone through the worst of it.

Of course, you really should consult your doctor before going for longer than a day or two. People have been known to go on 40+ day fasts before. That’s where exercise could be dangerous for you.

If however, you do even the simplest of exercise during the day, you drop a few pounds quicker. You don’t need to run a marathon to be effective this way.


I’ve never gone the juicing route but it seems to be a very popular way to shed some weight. The concept is to blend a number of fruits and vegetables together in a professional juicer, and drink til your heart’s content. It’s healthy and you’re getting most of the nutrients your body craves. The skeptic in me thinks those marketers selling expensive juicers promote this method the most. They have the profit motive involved. Any time a profit is involved, I become wary. Again, there’s no exercise involved in this method, and you’re continuing to gain those necessary nutrients. Some juice for a meal a day or as a snack instead of unhealthy, sugary, or fatty foods.

Low Carb

There are a number of low-carb diets on the dieting market. The concept is simple: eat low carbs with plenty of protein. Yes, I oversimplified, but that’s what the method boils down to. The devil is in the details forf each of those programs (along with recommended foods, many of which are sold through that company). You cut out breads and sugars. Many have had success with low-carb, high protein diets. I’ve had minimal success but gained the weight back after going for the fries again!

Push Away, Push Away

Here’s my favorite way to drop a few pounds in what I call the Push Away Push Away (sung to the lyrics of the Battle Hymn of the Republic: “Look Away, Look Away, Look Away, Dixieland”). It’s the simplest approach to sustained weight loss, but the most consistent. As the header suggests, you push away from the table before you’re full. In essence, you eat less. Every day. There’s no systematic approach to the method; you just eat less. It’s not sexy or glamorous or expensive but it is effective. Even with the unhealthy stuff, you just eat less of it. Come one, we all know you’re going to indulge in unhealthy foods on occasion. You just “go there” fewer times and order less.

So you see, none of these methods require fancy exercise equipment, expensive food plans, or overbearing trainers. They do require common sense to implement, as well as a desire to follow through.

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