Why is Weight Training Important for Women?

As we age, the law of gravity takes its natural course. Everything sags, and I mean everything. Men and women alike. There’s no discrimination at all.

And because many parts of the body begin sagging, we need to do what we can to either eliminate the sagging of minimize the damage it does.

If women want to maintain (without deterioration), then it’s vital that they take steps to stop the sag. Of course, it’s not easy because our natural inclination is to, well, be lazy. The older we get, the truer that statement is.

What’s Important?

The thing women should remember is that it’s not the equipment that’s important. Every machine will work if you work it. What’s important is the number of repetitions or reps you do. A one-time lift of the weight, while it’s impressive, will not be as effective as 10 reps with 20% less weight on the machines.

So, if you want firm thighs, go spinning or lift 20% less than what you know you can leg press. Do it 10-15 times two or three times a day and you will be firm before you know.

How Are Women Different From Men Regarding Weight Training

Most of the differences relate to a man not caring how he looks. 🙂 After your man puts on quite a few pounds while he downs his favorite cold beverage while watching football, he’ll hope she gets her act together and drops a few pounds. He may even say those exact words out loud because he’d be foolish to do it. His style of exercise is to go months without making it to the gym. Then, when the need arises – which is every quarter or so – he crawls out of bed, sucks down some ibuprofen, and gets physical at a place he volunteers. Granted, he’ll do what he can to be in a supervisory role while volunteering, but at least he’s out and about.

Women, on the other hand, care much more about their appearances. Of course, this is very broad statement and is not true for all women. Most women I know – or have heard about – do not pass a mirror without fixing something. Is that wrong? Not at all. It’s just how they perceive themselves.

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