Ultimate Weight Loss Program Begins and Ends With Water

Water is totally underrated when it comes to its role in shedding unnecessary poundage. It’s the primary ingredient in what I call the ultimate weight loss diet.

In a rare interview back in the 1970s, famed director Alfred Hitchcock was asked if he was drinking water for the diet he was on. He said he was trying to get rid of the water that was already in him. But study after study has shown that drinking water as your sole beverage is one of the best weight reducing programs out there – and it’s free! How can this be? If water is that effective, then why haven’t the gurus on Madison Avenue come up with a way to market water as a valuable diet strategy? Perhaps I shouldn’t give them any ideas.

Water is essential to life. You can live four or five weeks without food, but you wouldn’t survive two weeks without water. It’s that valuable, though we often take it for granted.

No Substitute for Water

Soft drinks, sports drinks, coffee, and tea should never be a replacement for water. The soft drinks and sports drinks contain chemicals which may or may not be healthy. Come to think of it, chemicals are rarely healthy. Coffee is a diuretic (meaning it makes you want to go pee more) and definitely needs more water to counterbalance the intake of coffee – even if it’s decaf. With tea though – and with so many brands claiming weight loss qualities – it’s hit or miss. If you need a warm drink, then tea is probably a better alternative to coffee. And decaf is better than caffeinated.

weight loss dietSo what if you went on a five-day water-only fast. Would you lose weight? Well, even if you did nothing all day, you would lose weight. Combine those days with just a bit of exercise and you’re burning that many more calories that you’re not ingesting. Of course, the usual disclaimers apply because I am not a medical professional, don’t take what I am saying as medical advice. The question remains, can you go for a few days without food? It’s harder than it sounds but easier than you might think if you’ve never done it before. The first two days are the roughest, and then it’s a psychological battle.

Weekly Fast

There is an in-between solution, and that’s to water-fast a day per week. It’s not so hard on your system, and you are not eating at all for the one day. As mentioned earlier, the first two days are the hardest in a week-long fast, so you’re just starting over every week. It takes a few weeks to adjust your body to the schedule, but you will see results. Combine that with regular exercise throughout the week, and you’re on your way to slow but steady weight loss. Cut out the junk and the sugars and watch the pounds drop.

The common rage is to drink at least eight full glasses of water per day. More is better. Take a page from how marathoners train. They will drink water constantly for up to two days before a race because the water seems to permeate places that normally don’t get water (pardon my technical explanation of the process). Singers and actors are encouraged to drink more on the day of their performances for similar reasons. Water just has that lubricating effect.

Then when you go to a restaurant you won’t need to fork over three or more dollars for a soft drink. You’ll be comfortable drinking water only and maybe with a lemon slice.

Here’s something to think about, you need water to exist. Before the invention of flavored and carbonated soft drinks, sports drinks, coffee, tea, and a variety of beverages, there was water and milk. After a long day of work, a nice cold glass of water is great for the system. You won’t be craving more because of the sodium like in soft drinks. It’s just so refreshing.

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