Fasting as a Means of Eliminating Unnecessary Baggage

I’ll start this article right off with a blunt disclaimer. I’m not a medical professional, so any advice you take from me on a way to lose weight is at your own risk. Seek medical assistance before undertaking anything discussed here.

Perhaps the quickest way to lose weight without exercise is fasting. True fasting is going without food for a period of time. Drinking water is acceptable. Otherwise, most would not be able to survive a week without water. However, other liquids such as juices, can be introduced into the fast so that you can function better.

way to lose weightLet’s step back and talk about why a person would want to deprive themselves of vital nutrients for a period of time. If you are obese and want to drop weight fast, fasting may NOT be the best solution for you because fasting is hard on your body. When you go from 2000 or 3000 calories a day to zero calories, your body has to work overtime to figure out what’s going on and to send nutrients to other parts of the body. The longer you go without food, the more calories you burn without those calories being replenished with food. It makes sense if you think about it.

The First 48 Hours

The hardest part of what I call a “water fast” diet is the first 48 hours. That’s the time period you crave food. Food has never looked so good to you. You need it and it seems like everyone else in the world is trying to tease you with it, even though they have no idea of your fast. If you get through this short period of time, the rest should be easy enough.

The second most difficult part of these types of fasts is the psychological. After 48 hours you only think you need the food. Your body is done going through “withdrawals” for food. Now, it’s a mind game. Can you endure through the next few days? You can probably do it physically but are you mentally prepared for it? At that point you are burning calories like no one else’s business. Your body is burning up the excess fat and your body is removing it as it goes. The watery and the solid waste are the results of you not eating, as it is the case when you were eating.

The 4 Week DietWhat’s the number of days that’s safe to fast? Again, check with your doctor to determine whether you can go on a fast longer than a day or two before tackling a week or more. Illusionist David Blaine proved he could do it for 44 days in front of a nation looking in. Jesus fasted for 40 days, and many have followed his lead. You probably can’t think of going on a 40-day fast until you’ve done a week first. Some would say you would need to “build up” first, but always consult with your doctor to be sure.

At Your Leisure

The beauty of the water-only fast is you can decide to do it only once a week every week. A couple of things happen when you do that. First, if you are doing it for dieting reasons, you will automatically eat less junk. Less junk always equates to easier weight loss. You’d be surprised at how much junk you put into your body every day without realizing it. And you will be, by definition, eating less throughout the week. The only problem with this method is that you still have to go through the 24-48 hours of “withdrawal” and the cravings associated with it. You still reap the benefits, but every time you do it, you’re going through the hard part first. It is certainly a way to become more self-disciplined in that respect.

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