They All Proclaim: “The Fastest Way to Lose Weight”

You’ve seen it dozens of times: here is the absolute fastest way to lose weight effortlessly.Most of the claims are click bait.

Losing weight has become a huge issue in the West. We are obsessed about obtaining the proper weight for our height and age, even if we have no idea what that proper weight should be. The slick marketers have been telling us for decades that we should all resemble the anorexic models who strut their stuff wearing the latest fashion some designer thought looked great on someone who weighed 76 pounds dripping wet. What those marketers don’t tell you is the nibbles of lettuce they’re allowed to eat each day. We’d be horrified at the portions of food these supermodels eat to maintain their rib-counting thinness.

But I digress far too early in this article. This isn’t about railing on the overpaid, underworked models on the design runways. This article is about the fastest way to lose weight.

Weight Loss Information Overload?

The problem you no doubt are running into is the volume of information available on the internet about dieting, exercising, and programs designed specifically to enrich the lives of those producing the program. Of course that’s a cynic’s view of the landscape, and I suspect I’m not far from the truth. The bare-naked truth of the matter is all of those programs work and all of them don’t work. Sure, that’s confusing but let me explain.

If you took one program and implemented it from day 1 to day 60 or 70, it would work. But that’s not the problem, is it? No, we switch from program to plan if we don’t see results in a week or so. We think the program is the problem, but in reality, it’s the person implementing the program. In other words, it’s you who is the problem not the program. I know, those are harsh words, but I’m right on target with the facts.

Weight loss is a multi-billion dollar industry. If people are spending so much money on methodologies, plans, programs, and books on losing weight, why are so many people still overweight? It’s because we want immediate results even though it took us many years to put on the weight in the first place. We’re not shredding pounds because the slick marketers often promise more than they can deliver. Because marketing to overweight people is not regulated, the marketers only have to be mildly right. It’s a numbers game for them. If 1000 people try their program, how hard is it for them to find someone who actually implemented and lost weight? It wouldn’t be as easy as you’d think since most are not really good at implementing.

Do These Programs Work?

So, the fastest way that I know of to lose weight is to pick a popular and to stick with it for a minimum of 60 days. Six months is an even better gauge of how effective a program is.

Are there some programs that don’t work? Sure, but I have found that those programs are not in the mainstream and you should avoid them. Again, if you stick to a program long enough you will see results. That one piece of advice could skyrocket your very own weight loss regimen. Or it could cause you to go out and buy another program or dieting pills that will rest on the shelf waiting for another program to replace it. For 90% of the people reading this, sticking to one program will produce great results if they stick with it.

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