Is a Membership to a Gym the Best Way To Stay Healthy?

We all know the answer to the question posed by the title of this article. No, it isn’t. Obviously gym owners want you to think that membership is a requirement for good health, and some of them promote that in their ads. The best way to lose weight is to just go out and make it happen.

Benefits of Gym Membership

There are many benefits to belonging to a commercial gym. A guy’s a place you can go to can meet people. Some you may not ever want to meet again. Others, though, could enrich your life. You can develop lasting friendships when you do something alongside someone for weeks or months at a time.

You get to encourage others who are working out. If you’ve gone to the gym regularly, you know there are people just starting out. Much of the equipment is unfamiliar to these people. You know who these people are because they look lost. I have been know to stand around staring at a piece of equipment wondering what it does and how it works! If I’ve done that, it’s a sure bet that most others on occasion do that as well. What better way to help your neighbor than by showing them how a machine works. Again, look for the lost look on their face.

Will Great Equipment Help You?

You get to use state-of-the-art exercise equipment. This goes back to the previous point. Health experts and engineers are devising new and better exercise equipment every year. Many of the more modern gyms purchase this equipment as a service to their constituents. Often their clientele want the best and greatest workout tools to get the job done.

best way to lose weight: trim the belly fatYou can even find your life mate there. It’s been known to happen on more than a few occasions. Unless the gym is male only or female only, it seems to be a little safer environment to meet than a bar. (Any time there’s alcohol involved, you run a risk of attracting only those who find you a catch after a few beers.) Now, is it the ideal place to meet a future spouse? Not really, though you would have a shared interest going further into the relationship.

You are supporting local businesses. Even though many of the larger gyms are franchises (such as Gold’s Gym, Planet Fitness, and 24 Hour Fitness, there’s a local business owner who is profiting from that franchise nonetheless.

Lastly, you get to work out, which is perhaps the greatest benefit. It’s why you have a membership. It’s why you’re there – well, at least, initially.

Disadvantages to Gym Membership

There are a number of drawbacks to going to a gym as well. Membership costs you money. Each month you shell out your hard earned money for the privilege of working out alongside two dozen other sweaty individuals and watching the ubiquitous CNN rip on politicians they don’t like. You have to get in your car and get to the gym. Depending on where it is, driving to a workout facility could add up to quite a bit of money over the course of a year, not to mention what your emissions did to the environment along the way.

For ladies, if you wear any kind of revealing clothing, you’ll have total strangers ogling you throughout our workout. Some may find it exhilarating but most find it creepy. And if you work out late, there’s always the danger of walking to your car at night or someone following you home.

Do you use your membership to the fullest? If you miss a few days, you’re still paying the monthly fee. You may even miss a full month because you went on a business trip. You can’t ask for a refund because you were out of town. I think you’d have to go work out a few times a week to make it worth your while and money.

There are, of course, other alternatives to consider when you want to lose weight. Earlier I wrote an article on the benefits of walking your way to health. Getting out and riding a bike is equally effective. Purchasing your own workout equipment – though expensive – can be a great alternative to going to the gym on a regular basis.

I’m not trying to talk you out of a gym membership. I’m merely pointing out that you have other options to a healthier lifestyle.

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