How to Lose Weight Fast at Home with No Equipment and No Budget

Before I delve into the topic of how to drop those unsightly pounds quickly and easily, let me first state a premise: most Americans have an ideal body shape in their heads. Normally it’s related to what it used to be like when we “wore a younger man’s clothes” as Billy Joel once wrote. We see in our mind’s eye that figure we once knew and loved. It’s kind of like seeing children all grown up after 15 years. We always pictured them as three-year-old, but now that they’re 18, it’s different. The relationship to them is also different because they probably don’t recognize you anymore.

Then came the years. And pounds. And inches. It’s then that we crave that quick solution that everyone talks about: fast and effortless approach to sustained weight loss.

weight loss made easy The more we gained the harder it was to get to the gym or push back from that large plate of food. And avoiding fast food restaurants – often neither fast nor food – well, forget about it. One man’s fries are another man’s fries.

The years catch up to us and we look in a mirror – when we’re not ashamed to stop – to see someone who is larger and more “robust” than we knew once before. When that camera gets passed around to view the photos from the get together, we are shocked at how we look in front of the camera. Unfortunately, you’ll overlook that oh-so-cute photo of your three-year-old because you’re still trying to figure out how you got to be so large.

My name is Blake and I’m in my early 50s. I know what I’m talking about because I’ve done everything I’ve mentioned above. It seems we actually do have love-hate affairs with the “mirror mirror on the Wall,” don’t we?

Rewind thirty-five years ago. I wrestled at 119 pounds, but was never any good. The coach recommended I drop weight to 112-pound weight class twice. As a Senior, I held in my stomach once, and my girlfriend literally counted my ribs. She said it made her sick to see that because she couldn’t even come close. I only heard about love handles, and saw them on others. I didn’t know what they were. After I went into the military, I put on a few pounds but not many. I ate and drank more beer than I care to admit, but still I maintained somewhere around 160.

I got out of the military and went to college. Still I tipped the scales at 170ish.

The 4 Week Diet
Then I got married. Now, I’m not blaming my “girth-gain” on my wife, mind you, though the story does seem to waddle in that general direction. The fact is, she was even thinner than I was when we got married. I’m not one of those guys who “kiss and tell” regarding how much someone weighs – especially women – but if I were a betting man, I’d estimate she was maybe 130 when we got married and as thin as a rail, as they say.

Fighting a Losing Battle to Keep the Weight To Something Manageable

Then we both started getting lazy. Exercise? What that? Eating healthy? Huh, what are you talking about? Then the kids started coming. All six in eight years. Yeah, what were we thinking! You’d think that we’d be worn out and slimmed down with all the chasing we did. Not so. The food kept getting better and better, and the portions continued to be more than enough. Add to that that I began working from home, and it was pretty much a recipe (no pun intended) for disaster. So, with all the kids, home-cooked meals, sedentary lifestyle in my home-office, almost no exercise, how in the world were we supposed to keep the weight off. We weren’t yet concerned about losing the weight as we were keeping it off.

how to reduce weight in 2 weeks

Fast forward to today. At 265 and six additional belt sizes bigger, I’ve seen the need to cut down. Drastically. The kids are all grown, and the grandkids are starting to come around.

They see Papa as something of a balloon or a blimp.

Well, that’s my take on it. They may

only know that their grandfather is larger than other people my age. Still, when someone else needs to help me out of the deep chair, I know it’s time to eliminate that excess weight.

So, what have I tried so far? I generally stay away from pills because, despite the so-called evidence of their effectiveness, you’re putting chemicals into your body. It seems too easy. I’ve never done it but my cabinet is crowded with the number of vitamin supplements, fish oil pills, acai berry pills, and other assorted pills. The Mrs. sees these ads and doesn’t hesitate throwing some hard-earned dollars their way. Have they been effective? Well, our cabinet is still full of all the pills, and she hasn’t lost but two or three pounds over the past several years, so does that answer your question?

Does Regular Juicing Help You Reduce Belly Fat? What Are the Costs Associated with Juicing?

Next come the juice recipes. They’ve got so many different types of juices and fruits that it makes my head spin. I think they even throw in some vegetables too. Actually, I think they’re selling you on the actual juicers than on the recipes. Those juicers can be costly! Now to be honest, I’ve tried juicing a bit but didn’t find it to be all that fulfilling. Did I actually lose anything? Well, I didn’t stick with it long enough to find out. The fact is, I got bored with it! If you went with an all juice diet for a week or more, you’d shed some of those pounds. How much? I haven’t a clue, but you’d probably need more than that to live on.

The 4 Week Diet
I think at this point I should note that none of the ideas I’ve shared already nor none that follow constitute legal advice. In other words, don’t take the word of a middle-aged grandfather about radical weight loss techniques. Disclaimer finished.

So what about the green teas? Do they help the average person lose weight? Yes and no. If you only drink green tea at meals, you are bound to lose some weight. You won’t break records for all the weight loss you’ll incur, but it’s far healthier than sugary and chemically-induced diet soft drinks.

Does Weight Loss Surgery Work or Is it All Just a Scam?

I’ve never gone in for the weight-loss surgery that is popular these days. While they are effective, you haven’t changed the underlying reasons the person gained weight in the first place. Plus the older I get, the fewer visits to the hospital I make, the better off I’ll be. If something would go wrong (looking at all sides of the issue), how would I be able to provide for my family? So surgery was always out for both me and m

y wife. And quite honestly, the so-called experts and medical professionals are coming out with more and more types of surgeries to combat obesity that I lose track of them all. Are they really that safe?

Does a Weekly Fasting Regimen Help You Slim Down?

Fasting is perhaps the most effective method I know of rapid weight loss. In fact, there are other benefits to fasting that surpass the benefits of losing weight, namely lower high blood pressure. My wife likes to fast once a day so on those days I’m on my own to find or cook my own food. She only drinks water for 24 hours. One day a week she does this. After her last 24 hour fast, she noted her blood pressure was the lowest it’s been in many many years. She wondered if it had anything to do with fasting. I told her that unequivocally it had to do with not eating for a full day. Then of course I pulled out my disclaimer that I wasn’t a registered physician nor did I play one on TV.

So if fasting works, why don’t I do it? Great question. I like food. I know it’s pretty selfish but I like to eat. Fasting is not eating. Sure, there are limited fasts or one-food fasts, or even all-liquid fasts, but I still like food. Sure, that’s a lame excuse but it’s mine…and I’m sticking to it.

Do Dieting Plans and Programs Help You Keep the Pounds Off?

There’s South Beach(r) Diet, Low-Carb, Atkins(r) Diet, Paleo, Shangri-La, Macrobiotic, Cabbage Soup, Dukan, Mayo Clinic, Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem(r), Mediterranean, Jenny Craig(r), and more to choose from. Believe it or not, there’s even a Cookie Diet! Think about that one, the Cookie Diet. Presumably you’re eating cookies? I don’t know. It just doesn’t sound like you can lose weight that way. It’s like sugar-free chocolate or sugar-free ice cream to me. It’s just not right.

Do these diets work? Yes, they do. Do they work for most or all? That’s hard to say, though most of them claim their method is inclusive of everyone’s current physical condition. So, why haven’t I stuck with one of them to my desired weight? Perhaps they’re too confusing because there are so many of them. Which to choose? If there was one or two only, I might stand a chance!

Care to Know the Secrets of Rapid Weight Loss?

What I’m about to do is detrimental to my financial reasons for creating this website, but it’s only fair I do it. For 90% of the readers, this two-pronged approach to weight loss will be sufficient. But 98% of of that 90% will nothow to lose belly fat fast at home believe me so I feel safe in that regard. The process is so simple as to be embarrassingly so. What I will share will save you, time, money, and heartache if you choose to use the approach. How’s that for another disclaimer? Ready?

To lose weight, two things need to happen: eat less and exercise more. That’s it. See? Uncomplicated in every regard. But will you continue reading to see what I’m promoting? Absolutely. Is this approach effective? You betcha. Some of the naysayers will point out that their metabolism blah blah blah. That’s why I put the figure at 90% of the readers. A full 10% of you will come up with some physical or emotional reason that this approach is too simplistic. Fine.

Have you tried to eat less and exercise more for say 30-60 days? See, that’s the catch, isn’t it? Getting past the hurdle of a couple weeks is difficult. Everything within us wants to rebel. We’ve trained ourselves to eat eat eat and watch the boob-tube all day long.

Our employers haven’t helped us at all. They offered for us to work from home a couple days a week. So there we sit in front of a computer screen with little to no noticeable activity except to go to the kitchen or bathroom. At least when we physically go to a job, we can step away from our little cubicles, to visit other cubicles go to lunch, and just be out of the house. Of course, I jest when I say our bosses forced it upon us. No, we jumped at the opportunity to stay home a few days a week. There’s good and bad with every new venture it seems.

The Great Debate: Should You Lose Weight Quickly or Gradually?

So, that brings me to the reason I’m writing this. When you click on the link throughout this page it will take you to a video of someone who’s created a detailed and comprehensive manual about weight loss. Is it effective? Does it work?

Well, as with anything else in life, it depends on how much you put it into practice. When you download, if you begin taking concrete steps you’ll take each day for a month, then yes it will do you a lot of good, and you probably lose weight. But what about after that? Is it effective?

What steps are you willing to take each day to stick to the principles you’ve laid out for yourself by writing down your action items?

If you’d rather just take a few pills and hope for the best, you might want to save your money. No offense, but you have to put some effort into your weight loss. After all, you put in a lot of effort to gaining it, didn’t you? I know I don’t gain any points by calling people lazy, but facts don’t lie. You need to commit yourself to losing weight.

At Last: The Simple and Effective Way to Shed Unwanted Pounds

What does that mean exactly? Well, do you cut corners? In general if a recipe calls for a cup of sugar do you skim off the top, especially if you have 3/4 of a cup.

Back in the day I lived in a former Soviet-bloc country. At the market we’d see these lovely and tempting cakes. When you got the cakes home and were ready to dig into them, you noticed right away that the frosting on the cakes didn’t have any sugar in them. When they made cakes during times of rationing, they’d cut corners with expensive items. One cup of sugar became 3/4 cup, and soon there was only a half cup in the mixing bowl. If a half cup worked, then why not cut more corners and put in less sugar.

drop weight fastAfter a few years of cutting sugar corners, there was no sugar in the mix at all, so they’d frost the cake as if it was the sweetest thing in the world. When people bit into it, they realized that something drastically was missing: sugar! (In case you were wondering what this tort cake ended up tasting like, well, take a handful of that Crisco lard and eat it. That’s what icing without sugar tastes like.).

If you are corner cutter in everyday tasks, then maybe you don’t have it in you to lose weight (there is a difference between cutting corners and making processes more efficient, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. You and I both know the difference). Why struggle for a week and then move on? Just move on now. I don’t want you to move on, but I’d much rather you save some of your money than to waste it on another failed effort. Cutting corners when it comes to established viable weight loss programs is your beginning to a big fail.

Summary: What you Need to Know to Lose Weight with Minimal Effort and Cost

If, however, you’re ready to take that weight loss bull by the horns, why haven’t you clicked and watched the video already? No, seriously. It may be the best few minutes you’ve spent in a long time.

The 4 Week Diet
So, I guess the bottom line to all of this is, if you’re willing to put in some work to see this through for several months, then you probably have what it takes to shed those pounds. If you implement these plans, programs, and methods on a consistent basis, they work well. For the most part, there’s not a lot of “revolutionary” breakthroughs as they relate to weight loss programs, despite what the marketers, celebrities, and spokespeople tell you. Weight loss isn’t rocket science in that regard. But it does require patience over the long haul.